Selectable Fire Nozzle

With years’ experience in the high quality Selectable Fire Nozzle industry, Ningbo Plent Machinery designs and manufactures equipment that meet the demands of the industry and help users to perform their job safer and more efficient. Plent Selectable Fire Nozzle is a combination fire nozzle of traditional constant-gallonage nozzle and adjustable-gallonage nozzle.

Plent Machinery mainly provide four models of Selectable Fire Nozzles with different flow. All our selectable gallonage fire nozzles are manufactured with highest quality anodized aluminum and durable protective surface to provide protection against corrosion.

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  • CCC certified Adjustabler Pistol Grip Fire Nozzle made in China is designed with Ergonomic theory. The Grip is more comfortable during fireman or other users’ operation. With our own R&D department, Plent machinery is engaged to improve customer’s usage experience.

  • CCC certifiedAdjustable Fog Fire Nozzle is one main category in Ningbo Plent Machinery’s Fire Nozzle Collection. Featured with easy maintenance and steady quality performance, Plent adjustable Fog fire nozzle can provide wide range of flow rate, from 60LPM to 950LPM to meet different customers’ requirement.

  • Plent Firefighting Fire Fog nozzle is specially designed for fireman and other users. With lightweighted Aluminum Alloy material, our fire fog nozzle is easy to carry long during usage. Plent Firefighting Fire Fog Nozzles are featured with two main types, flow adjustable and automatic flow setting. Both categories are with jet spray and fog spray patterns.

  • Plent Adjustable Fire Fog nozzle is capable to work at two spray patterns, straight stream spray and fog spray. Swivel adjustable fire fog nozzle’s bumper, you can easily switch two spray patterns. With 4 flow rate setting, easy-to-operate’ feature, Plent Adjustable Fire Fog Nozzle is getting more and more popular in market.

  • ​Easy Maintainable Selectable Fire Hose Nozzle is a main collection of Ningbo Plent’s fire nozzle category product. There are 4 level of different flow rate setting for each selectable Fire Hose Nozzle. This allows fireman adjusting optimal flow rate per on-site water pressure. The product is featured with durable quality and steady performance.

  • CCC certified 2.5Inch Adjustable Fire Nozzle is the most popular product in Ningbo Plent Machinery’s Fire Nozzle Collection. Featured with steady quality performance and competitive price, Plent flow adjustable fire nozzle has been highly approved by domestic and oversea customers. We’ve also prepared small lot size stock of 475LPM 2.5” Adjustable Fire Nozzle for customer’s emergency need.

As one of the professional China Selectable Fire Nozzle manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. You may need some customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage. Welcome to buy high quality and discount Selectable Fire Nozzle from us. We will give you wholesale product made in china. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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