Special Fire Nozzle

High quality Plent Special Fire Nozzles equipped with ergonomic pistol grip for firefighter’s easy operation. Main structure is made of hard anodized aluminum alloy. This allow our fire nozzles are durable and lightweight in operation.

Apart from general firefighting occasion, there’re occasions not suitable for general fire nozzle’s usage or application, like enclosed space, warehouse, chimneys, heat, sparks, smoke and gases, etc. Ningbo Plent Machinery is also offering professional equipment for this. Our special Fire Nozzle include defense nozzle, attackspicke fire nozzle, waterwall fire nozzle, dry powder fire nozzle.

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  • Durable Plent Fire Fighting Dry Power Nozzles are highly effective, rugged and lightweight nozzle designed by Ningbo Plent Machinery Co., Ltd. In China. This Dry Powder Fire Nozzle is capable to provide high performance delivery of a wide range of dry powder extinguishing agents.

  • Plent High Pressure Fog Fire Nozle is feature allows the user to choose the flow adapted to the situation, and to maintain it throughout, without any constraints. Plent High Pressure Fog Fire Nozle is with two different spray patterns, jet spray or fog spray. Easily to operate, steady performance, Plent High Pressure Fog Fire Nozle becomes more and more popular in the market.

  • Durable Plent Attack spike Fire Hose nozzle isEspecially designed for firefighters to operate before breaking into the enclosure fire space, like warehouse, haystack, roofs, chandeliers, chimneys, oil flues, gutters, cabins and large vehicles and other dead corners where blind fires occur. Cooling down inside temperature firstly. Plent Attackspike Fire hose will protect fireman’s safety to the most extent.

  • Durable Plent Defense Fire Hose nozzle is a multi-function fire hose nozzle. Firefighter or operator can create a fog spray protection water fog curtain while there’s jet spray stream work at the same time. Plent Defense Fire Hose Nozzle can protect users safety in thoughtful way.

  • Durable Plent waterwall fire hose nozzle is designed to create a safety barrier of water to offer protection against high temperature, sparks, smoke and gases. The function of this product is not only to stopping the fire spreading, it establishes a safe area for firefighters so that they can continue to fight the fire. With our own R&D team, Plent Waterwall Fire Hose Nozzle can create an impressive water curtain during usage.

  • Ningbo Plent Machinery Co., Ltd.is devoted to manufacture & design professional and safety protection firefighting equipment. As a professional manufacturer of 1Inch High Pressure Fire Nozzle, Ningbo Plent pays more attention to the product quality.

As one of the professional China Special Fire Nozzle manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. You may need some customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage. Welcome to buy high quality and discount Special Fire Nozzle from us. We will give you wholesale product made in china. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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