Fire Monitor

Fire Monitors are industrial monitor devices used to deliver large water flows for fire fighting purposes in high risk or hazardous industries. As one of top ten fire monitor manufacturers and suppliers in China, Ningbo Plent Machinery Co., Ltd. has specialized in kind for fire monitor product for years and got highly approval from domestic and oversea customers.

Plent Fire Monitor product range conclude Manual Fire Monitor, Electric Control Fire Monitor, Foam Fire Monitor, Automatic Track Fire Monitor, and Portable Fire Monitor.

All our fire monitor are with 1-Year-Warranty. And Plent also support customized services to meet customers’ specific requirement.

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  • Plent Police Riot Control Water Cannon Model# PSKD8/20~30-CA series can also be applied for police’s anti-riot purpose. This water cannon is equipped with straight flow nozzle, flow range is up to 2400lpm. Sheild is made of stainless steel, this will protect the monitor body from being attacked by riot crowd. Main structure made of aluminum alloy will ensure our price is competitive.

  • lent Intelligent Auto Tracking Fire Monitor Model# ZDMS 0.6/5S is applied unique Annulus Shape Alarm Indicating Lamp. This alarm lamp will be clearer and more striking. And our monitor is capable to capture and target fire source equal to and less than 30 seconds. This is a more efficient and faster firefighting equipment. Main structure of Plent Intelligent Auto-Tracking Fire monitor is made of Hard anodized aluminum alloy. This allows our fire equipment can be applied in long-term firefighting application. Furthermore, the price is more competitive.

  • Plent Remote Control Portable Fire Monitor PSKDY8/40WB has the combination feature for portable fire monitor and remote control fire monitor. Model-PSKDY8/40WB also have two spray pattern, ie. Straight stream spray pattern and fog spray pattern. It’s quite a simple and convenient firefighting purpose. Main monitor body is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel. Suitable for long-term working and hazards environment usage.

  • Plent Self Induction Foam Fire Monitor PLZ8/20-BS is equipped with a self-induction foam nozzle. This is more convenient when there’s no fixed foam container at customer’s site. PLZ8/20-BS is a manual operated fire monitor. Users can easily turn the handwheel to control fire monitor’s vertically or horizontally travel.

  • Plent Low Expansion Foam Fire Monitor PL8/20-BS is a manual operated foam fire monitor. With the foam nozzle, this low expansion foam fire nozzle is capable to have two spray pattern, ie. Straight Stream Spray Pattern and Foam Spray Pattern. The whole structure is made of had anodized aluminum alloy, it’s very durable in usage and reasonable in cost control.

  • Plen Portable Fog Fire monitors are featured with compact and lightweight. Low-profile design is purposely provided for fireman/user’s stable operation. Durable Plent Portable Fog Fire Monitor is simple to set up for quick attack operations. Plent Portable Fog Fire Monitor’s main usage is for firefighting, cooling or as a water shield, among others. It is used manned or unmanned, as required.

As one of the professional China Fire Monitor manufacturers and suppliers, we have own factory. You may need some customized services to meet the actual needs of your region, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage. Welcome to buy high quality and discount Fire Monitor from us. We will give you wholesale product made in china. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.
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