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How strong is the Fire Nozzle?


1, Straight Stream Nozzle

The water sprayed by the Straight Stream Nozzle is a solid column, with strong impact force and penetration, which is mainly used to fight ordinary solid matter fires, and is one of the most commonly used equipment when fighting fires.

2, multi-functional water gun

The advantage is that the reaction force is small, in case of operation, the flow rate and jet state can be adjusted according to the need of fire extinguishing, and it is easy to straighten out the distortion and knot phenomenon of the hose.

3.Foam Nozzle

Air, water and foam fire extinguishing agents are mixed to form foam, which is easy to fight flammable and flammable liquid fires, and also can fight solid material fires that are not restricted to water.

Still want to remind the friends: fire high-pressure water gun belongs to fire equipment, should not be used at will. It is not allowed to open fire hydrants without permission and use water guns!

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