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Multifunctional fire nozzle function introduction


Multifunctional fire nozzle, as its name suggests, has a variety of functions. Mainly includes DC, spray, flowering; The flow rate can also be adjusted to the appropriate working condition according to the fire extinguishing situation. Rotating the gun head can adjust the DC spray bloom, and regulating the flow rate and rotating the gun head to adjust the spray mode are two separate functions, but they affect each other. At the scene of the fire, firefighters use a multi-purpose fire nozzle, which can spray the open flame directly from a distance, and can also use the spray mode to cool down and purify the air in a large area, without changing the gun. The hand pull switch is also convenient for turning the fire nozzle on and off. Finally, the fire nozzle is equipped with an anti-knotting interface, which can effectively avoid the rotation caused by pulling the hose.

Multi-functional fire nozzle, the domestic fire industry is also known as recoilless fire nozzle, the design purpose of this fire nozzle may reduce recoil, prevent recoil injury to firefighters.

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